What is tartar? 

tartar Tartar is very common and is formed when bacterial coatings stuck to the teeth come into contact with the saliva. It is especially important to remove the type of tartar that can lead to dental loss and there are several ways to do it. There are two types of tartar. A type is formed… Read More »

Dentist’s five tips for healthy teeth

 Dentist’s five tips for healthy teeth Do you want to avoid expensive and unpleasant dental problems? Here are five simple everyday nips that help you keep your mouth healthy throughout your life. Most of us do not think so much of our oral health until we get a problem. Fortunately, there is actually a simple… Read More »

Dental implants – this is how they work

Dental implants – this is how they work The teeth are attached to the jaw with jaws that form fixtures where we can firmly secure the artificial teeth. You do not have to worry that it will look strange or it will be difficult to chew the food, our dental implants function just the same… Read More »