Common questions about implants

By | June 1, 2018

Question: Is there a risk of dental implant treatment?

Answer: As with any type of surgical procedure there is always risk. Although this happens extremely rarely, you will be informed by the dentist about potential risks that pertain to your situation.

Question: Can everyone get dental implants?

Answer: Basically yes. But there are some who are at greater risk than others. These can be special diseases and conditions. People who smoke have a higher risk of complication than those who do not smoke. The dentist will discuss such things with each patient on the basis of the health scheme completed at the first hour.

Question: How long does dental implants last?

Answer: Dental implants have no “best before” date or an expiration date. It is the ability of each individual to follow up this with self-esteem and regular follow-up with dentist / dental care that determines the life of the implant. Implant is after all a substitute for the person’s own teeth, which for some reason has to be deducted. No replacements can be as good as the original, namely the body’s own teeth. So there are no warranties. However, if you follow this properly, dental implants may well last a lifetime.

Question: Will my body accept implants?

Answer: Implants are made of titanium, as the body fully accepts. This is the same material that you use for example bone fractures. The body accepts titanium almost as its own tissue. Titan grows firmly in the jaw and acts as an artificial tooth root for a new tooth crown.

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